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Chronicles and Journals of the Pieces of Light and Dark Capricorn (WAD 013)

A daily journal of quotes by the characters from the novel "Waits a Dragon" These are sayings and quotes from the Dragon Trilogy. Look and discover your star sign or that of a friend or lover. Know their nature and character as defined by the "Pieces of Light and Dark". This world is a vast chessboard where fate and time move the pieces of your life. Dare to look! Dare to know! and by looking discover yourself. Be careful, fate and time are dangerous bedfellows who may show you the secrets of the Universe but may also demand a fee for the service and knowledge. "The silver may shimmer for the heads and tails of the days of your life, but only if you dare to spin the coin". Ideal gifts for friends family and love ones. Aries March 21st to April 20th.

A fantastic, original, present for a Birthday, Christening or Christmas. These books can be used over and over again. You can look up the birth date of a friend or acquaintance and have a wonderful saying to describe their character. Full of love and care the characters will give you wonderful insights and phrases to share with your nearest and dearest love ones.

Just a most wonderful original present.

Contact the writer via the Modrana Music Publishers e-mail and have a personal signed copy as part of your order.

There is a P&P charge of a £1.50 for each order.

To hear the extract for the 25th of December click on the icon.

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