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Waits a Dragon. Trilogy Book one Quest (WD 001)

Waits a Dragon.
David Golightly

Copyright 2002 Modrana Music Publishers Ltd

Chapter one

The Dragon was a magnificent, emerald green with droplets of gold and red fused into its scales. Its tail, forked, flicked and flashed with silver blues scattered by the movement. It was huge and easily dwarfed the surrounding building. The head however, mesmerised! Timeless the eyes jewelled a face that reflected a lifetime of knowledge. To experience its glance was to vision Christ on his cross, to glimpse eternity, to know goodness in all its joy and pain, to see the kindness of a thousand acts, spread throughout the history of man.

It had appeared one night and lay across the lawn of one of the open plan semis of a typical English housing estate. The neighbours and subsequently the authorities were, to say the least, disturbed by the event. The resulting excitement, hysteria and general panic changed forever the safe communal environment of the community. The authorities, unable to understand or comprehend the magnitude of the situation, erected and manned a perimeter round the beast. Evacuated all the residences, apart from the occupant of the semi who seemed to have worryingly disappeared, called in the army, the air force the RSPCA, experts in every field of scientific research and animal husbandry and held long debates as to the best way to proceed. The dragon watched their preparations with a rye smile and said and did nothing. Where was the occupant of the semi? He was a typical middle-aged man who lived with his one companion, a small white pawed tabby cat, that incidentally, had also disappeared.

The media were next to descending. It is after all not every day a dragon appears and the event fuelled the imagination of the world's media. Television cameras and world reporters lined the streets of the estate and compounded the hysteria generated. No one quite remembered who made the decision to try and capture the beast but the decision was made and orders given for the army to advance. The various experts argued for tranquillisers to be prepared and the animal to be capture alive. Zoos offered large sums of money and their various officials demanded that the animal's welfare should be their responsibility. It was after all the last dragon no one had every heard or seen of another. It was a creature of mythology and as such part of the nations heritage. The dragon smiled and watched the preparations. with an amused tolerance.


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