The Calling of the Roween and other poems by David F Golightly (PA V1)

The Calling of the Roween and other Poems by David F Golightly. 21 Poems of life and love.

The Calling of the Roween.


Brave Heart.

Self Portrait.


The Name.

First Breath.

The Bar Fly.

Leap of Faith.

Mr Purr.


Russian Roulette.

Pier Walk.

Tilly and Tally.

The Prayer.

The Smile.  

The Christmas Rose.

Ward 33


Riddle Me Ree.

 Twenty thoughts to live by.

(Roween was one of the first Angels who led the charge of the Apocalypse. She is a defender of truth, freedom and liberty. Slayer of Malayerous, Demon of chaos, one of Satan''s main generals.) 

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The poems are.

Mr Purr.


The Smile

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