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Symphony No 2 (979-0708056 81 2)

 The second symphony "Symphony of eternal tears" was premiered in the State Cappella Hall St Petersburg in December 2006. This large 45 minute symphony is dedicated to Sergey Inkov and uses female voices in the last movement via a setting of Puskin''s  verse 7 from the poem 19th of October. Revised in 2015 the work is scored for large symphony orchestra. The last movement uses a female chorus and a Ondes Martenot.  The Text of the last movement is in Russian, the Engish translations are below.  With the exception of the third and fourth movements, much of the revision of the first two movements is the same as the original version. Duration is now 55 minutes, as opposed to the original 45 minutes. Score includes a CD.

Alexander Pushkin 

19th of October 

Verse 7

Translation Henry Jones,

From the book 

Poems of Pushkin

English Translation

"My Friends this brotherhood of ours will live. 

United, like the soul, it cannot perish. 

Secure and free to prosper, it will flourish. 

On sustenance the friendly Muses give. 

In every change of scene, in every danger, 

Wherever Fortune drives or bids us go. 

We stay the same: in every land a stranger!  

Our fatherland is... Tsarskoye Selo"




Druz ya mo i prekr a sen n ash so yuz! 

On ` Kak dush a ner az de lim 

I v et sche n Nek oleb im svob o den 

I besp  et sch en. 

Sra st al sy a on pod s en y u dr uj ni ch m uz 

Kud a bi n as ne br o si la sud  b i n a 

I stsch a st ie kud a b ni po vel o 

Vs yo t e je m i nam z e li  m ir tsch ujb i  na 

Ot e tsch est vo nam 

Tz ar sko e se l o.  

"Oteyectbo Ham IIapckoe Cejio"  "Our fatherland is .... Tsarskoye Selo!

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