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Seven Preludes + Seven Fugues on the codes D.F.G. For Piano (979-0708056 89 8)

Since 1980 I have used various music codes within the structures of my music. These preludes and fugues are based on the D.F.G. codes related to number series. They are not serial but move through various tonal centres creating a variety and vibrance of piano sonority. They are dedicated to American concert pianist Beth Levin as a thank you for her premiere with Mezzo Soprano Emiley Howard of my Housman settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano in 2011 They are the first volume of a series of four volumes of Preludes and Fugues on the DFG codes planned for 2012-13

Prelude One Extract (584kb)
Fugue 1 Extract (413kb)
Prelude 2 Extract (411kb)
Fugue 2 Extract (409kb)
Prelude 3 Extract (377kb)


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